Chen Xinlin, personal trainer, Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province

“According to JC Santana, the ideal result of core training is to make the core musculature as hard as steel when triggered. IHP is one of the best functional training facilities in the world. I have been following the IHP training system since 2006, leaning all types of training methods and protocols, including those utilizing stability ball, bands, medicine ball and metabolism. As a result, my training definitely stands out as unique, and I come highly recommended by all of my clients. I definitely make much more income than the other coaches in the gym I work in. Theories like the IHP Hybrid Training System, Biplex and Triplex, are easy to learn and super effective for a broad group of people. All these fresh ideas and concepts perfectly integrate traditional and functional training methods. There are countless functional training methods around the world, but most of them are descendants of the IHP system. IHP has finally come toChina. This is a great opportunity and platform for trainers and coaches nationwide. I recommend IHP courses and certifications to all fitness-related professionals. You will definitely get benefits from IHP China! No doubt!”