Cheng Bin, Chao Yue fitness center, Shijiahzuang city, Hebei province

“JC Santana is a legendary fitness master. He brings training methods I have never seen before, as well as an innovative approach that’s strength is in its emphasis on human movement. By taking orientation, locomotion and rotation into account, we can provide new and effective workouts specifically targeted toward various activities and athletes.

As the world’s best functional training facility, IHP has a unique training system, and JC’s methods and concepts are revolutionary. He propels performance training to a new technical and artistic level and breaks the bonds of traditionalism. Athletic performance training is not equal to high load strength training and low intensity cardio exercises. The IHP system perfectly fits the needs of serious athletes as well as fitness enthusiasts. Because it is practical and easy to learn, and can be tailored to fit any application, the IHP system has become the most effective and popular performance training system in Europe and America.

I am so glad that IHP has launched in Asia, and wish IHP Asia the BEST! I am your follower forever! Keep moving!”