On March 13, while in Beijing, IHP founder and IHP China co-founder JC Santana and IHP China co-founder Ruben Payan visited the headquarters of the Asian Academy of Sports and Fitness Professionals (AASFP) – Asia’s leading fitness certification body and an early China market pioneer – to share views and insights with Kenny Wong, AASFP Founder/President.

While there JC and Ruben also met with Jacqueline Yue, AASFP Director, Marketing and Communications and Terence Chau, AASFP CEO/Program Director. Together they had a productive and fruitful discussion around the future of fitness, better meeting trainers’ needs and a shared commitment to promoting excellence in the industry. They also had a chance to tour the AASFP facility, including seeing a course and instructor in action.

“It’s always energizing to meet like-minded people – those who are committed to bringing educational programs and certifications that are of substance and meet real needs. It is clear we have a common denominator,” said JC. “I was impressed with AASFP’s experience in the Asia market and work to bring the best education and opportunities to coaches in China. I really want to thank Jacqueline for reaching out to IHP and giving us such a warm welcome.”