Participants in IHP China’s MMA certification course on March 15 and 16 walked away with more than valuable knowledge of MMA strength and conditioning techniques. They also met China’s only UFC fighter Zhang Tiequan, aka the “Mongolian Wolf!”

A friend and client of IHP China co-founder Ruben Payan, Tiequan has first-hand experience with the functional training
techniques IHP founder r JC Santana spent decades developing for the MMA fighters and elite combat units he regularly works with, including the U.S. Navy Seals. Tiequan’s appearance at the training event was inspiring – the coaches were clearly excited about meeting and taking photos with a celebrated athlete.

JC expressed his deep gratitude of Tiequan’s support and presented him with a gift of two grips from the “JC Grip Dominators ” series, a proprietary product line he developed for MMA fighters to help them develop a vise-like grip, more powerful hooks and stronger forearms.

“We really appreciate Tiequan taking the time to stop by and talk to our guys,” he said. “The coaches here are already
thinking ahead and serving as industry leaders by their very presence. It’s great to have him reinforce their foresight by
inspiring a pride and interest in MMA as a significant emerging sport, and in the UFC as the sport’s leading organization.”

The event marked the second MMA certification offered in China from JC and IHP China. As MMA continues to expand, more
certifications will be offered so Chinese coaches can leverage martial arts-based training techniques to competitively
expand their clientele and practice.

IHP China’s MMA Certification I and II courses are approved for continuing education credits by the prestigious National
Strength and Conditioning Association and offer the most complete martial-arts based training systems available.

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