The best training background is worthless if a coach does not know how to effectively present himself to clients – these were words of wisdom IHP founder JC Santana recently passed along to personal trainers in China during the “IHP Business Mentorship” program on March 17 in Beijing.

After spending decades establishing his reputation as one of the industry’s leading personal trainers and innovators – including being named “Top 100 Trainer in America” by Men’s Journal magazine – JC passed along his personal tips and secrets to success. Trainers had the chance to learn about marketing, personal presentation, grooming, client and club relations, and promoting and running their own business. Some of JC’s most important suggestions were also the most basic.

“Taking care with your clothing and appearance, manner and grooming sound like common sense but you would be surprised how many coaches blow it with clients by neglecting these fundamental details. This is a people business so how you present yourself is important,” said JC. “On top of that, a successful personal trainer needs to be entrepreneurial. Building your brand and establishing a strong reputation and loyal following requires business savvy and skills.”

IHP China mentorships are valuable learning opportunities because they are designed to groom and assist up-and-coming talent by sharing the wisdom JC spent his career obtaining through personal time covering a designated topic or topics. In addition to one-day workshops, IHP and IHP China also offer more intensive mentorship sessions that are one-on-one or individually tailored to small groups. These take place within the IHP headquarters in the United States and the IHP China headquarters in Beijing, where participants join the IHP team to learn the ropes from the inside out.

here is no better way to position for success than to learn directly from the industry’s leading masters!

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