Want to see packed and profitable group classes? Looking to provide motivating variety with maximum efficiency and results? Ready to bring on great energy and great fun? This is the certification for you!

Date: August 2-3

Place: AAFSP Academy, Talent International Building, 80 Guangqumen Inner Avenue

Now being offered the first time in Asia! Learn IHP USA’s unique and effective approach to group training developed by IHP’s founder “JC” Juan Carlos Santana. Circuits are the most effective way to combine cardio conditioning with functional strength training. Learn how to design group circuit classes to provide flexibility and diversity of training with rotating stations using major movements the body naturally recognizes, such as pushing, pulling, rotating, squatting, lunging and locomotive exercises. You will also learn how to design intermediate stations to provide recovery work using stability or balancing exercises.

Among the benefits:

·Absolutely unique! Offer classes no one else can. IHP’s group circuit certification is based on its unique, proven and proprietary functional training systems – there is nothing like it available, anywhere else
·Variety. Learn to use various equipment and training methodologies for unparalleled application and diversity. Various themes can be emphasized, such as cardio, hypertrophy, stability or core work
·Teams. Expand business or train bigger groups to increase revenue as you learn to train sports-specific teams
·For all levels. Learn to hold a class of athletes and non-athletes alike, and provide excellent consistent training for everyone. Design classes that are user friendly, for men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes
·Results. Get known for getting results! Various cardio-related exercises enhance motor skills and cardiovascular parameters, weight training exercises build muscles and bones, calisthenics improve flexibility and body awareness, and balance and stability exercises enhance posture and body alignment
·Fun. Keep it evolving so participants are never bored and always have a good time

SPECIAL PRICE! 2500 RMB, only 2000 RMB for AASFP CEUs 0.9
Call 13810064812/01084703616 for more information

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