Smart coaches discovered how to hold jam-packed group classes that are innovative and fun with IHP China’s FT Group Training Specialist Level I certification on Aug. 2 to 3, at the Asia Association of Sports and Fitness Professional (AASFP) headquarters in Beijing.

Held hot on the heels of a series of well-received IHP courses at AASFP’s 10th annual Asia Fitness Education Expo, the brand new certification was jointly sponsored by IHP China and AASFP to debut in China and be offered for the first time worldwide.

Approximately 30 coaches learned how to effectively set up a functional training group class utilizing IHP’s 4 Pillars of Movement. The course’s highly experiential and practical emphasis helped participants master the fundamentals before being placed into teams and working together to deliver their own IHP group class. They were then evaluated on class set up and instruction.

By the course’s completion each walked away with the knowledge and confidence needed to create, present and market group FT classes that successfully address all ages, fitness levels and goals in a unique, motivational and results-oriented setting.

“I am excited and thrilled to introduce the IHP FTGTS certification – and to select China as our debut market. By the time a coach completes both levels they will have gained knowledge and experience allowing them to put together a class that is absolutely unique from anything that’s currently being offered,” said JC. “I applaud and thank AASFP for having the vision and commitment to partner with us in providing it.”

Not only does the IHP FTGTS certification stand alone as a valuable credential, but it is also included as part of the steps and qualifications necessary in IHP China’s FT Master Program, which provides a progressive addition of skills and education to become a globally-acknowledged functional training expert.

Three AASFP master trainers participated in the certification and experienced first-hand how the IHP system is different from others. For example, participant Coach Luke spoke to IHP China co-founder Ruben Payan about how the IHP system has opened his eyes to new possibilities. He said he feels more confident and has built his personal training business to over 40 clients. He also reports that he is determined to finish IHP’s curriculum to become a Master Trainer “no matter how long it takes.”

“We hear positive testimonials about IHP all of the time,” said Ruben. “It only serves to reinforce our commitment to the China market and our aim to advance functional training education and innovation throughout Asia.”