Juan Carlos “JC” Santana and IHP China wrapped up a successful ChinaFit exhibition on Aug. 20 to 21 in Beijing, where IHP China included approximately 40 coaches in its IHP FT Instructor certification and reached hundreds of others with advice, ideas and knowledge based on IHP’s world-leading, proprietary curriculum.

“One of the aims of the ChinaFit conference is to cultivate greater standardization and professionalism within clubs, coaches and fitness systems,” said JC. “I feel honored to have been invited to contribute as a functional training educator, and to be able to help meet coaches’ demand for world-class continuing knowledge.”

The certification and an opening keynote address from JC were among the event’s highlights – pointing toward the growing awareness of the benefits of FT in China. A special session called “JC’s Workout” – an invitation to work out alongside JC as he shared his favorite exercises – quickly filled up to become standing-room only. Participants saw firsthand how a number of simple bodyweight exercises could be leveraged to create an effective workout. On-stage volunteers were quickly challenged, including one brave volunteer who helped JC demonstrate advanced partner exercises for elite athletes.

ChinaFit’s annual conference, now in its third year, is one of China’s largest and best-known industry events. Participants include fitness experts, club owners, coaches and companies showcasing the latest knowledge, equipment and trends.

IHP China is looking forward to ChinaFit 2014!