The first day of certifications focusing on functional training theory and IHP’s 4 Pillars of Human Movement. This will serve as a platform for a highly experiential second day of learning that will deliver specific modalities and exercises. Upon meeting all course requirements, participants will receive certifications of completion from the U.S.-based Institute of Human Performance, the world’s leading functional training institute.

Day 1: IHP Functional Training Jr. Instructor (prerequisite for FT Instructor certification)

9 am – 6 pm, lunch break 12-1 pm

This is where it all begins. This course introduces the basic terminology and concepts of the IHP Functional Training System – allowing program participants a unified point of reference upon which to build all future and more advanced learning. Learn the definition of function and functional training, along with the basic model IHP uses to categorize functional movement. Become familiar with the operational environment and how functional training uses this environment to create efficiency of movement. Finally, basic exercises will be provided to show the principle of “specificity” and how it pertains to function and functional training.

Course covers:

  • What is Functional Training.
  • Debunking the myth of Functional Training.
  • 8 movements to assess the human function.
  • The 4 Pillars of Human Movement training system.
  • The operational environment and how it affects human movement.


Day 2:”JC’s OCTAGON” Core Training Certification

8:30 am – 5:00 pm, lunch break 12-1 pm



As a fitness professional, it’s vital to your success that you have the confidence and knowledge to properly train the core for all sports and functions. Whether you’re working with a golfer, runner or Olympic triathlete, “CORE TRAINING” has been proven to increase performance, prevent injuries and correct major movement dysfunctions within the body.

Do you know how to proper train the core for function? Do you have a proven system to implement into your client’s weekly training regimen? Can you explain how the core functions in all planes of motion? Or have the thousands of exercises floating around the internet confused you on how to systematically train the core.


IHP ASIA is proud to bring you the JC’S Octagon “CORE TRAINING” Certification. The most practical core training certification in the world.  After 7 years of development JC Santana (founder of IHP USA) has finally launched this one of a kind certification in Asia.  In this certification we will cover the following:

  • Learn how the core functions in the upright position.
  • Learn how to train the Anterior and Posterior “Serape” of the body.
  • Master the 8 vectors and 5 movements within the JC’s Octagon Training System.
  • Learn how to use the JC’s Octagon to improve core function for all activities.
  • Discover the art in expressing more functional strength, flexibility and power with JC Bands & Pulleys.
  • Participate in over 40 JC’s Octagon core training exercises.
  • Learn IHP’s top 5 Band & Pulley protocols.
  • Feel confident with your ability to communicate, train and coach your clients/athletes through a complete core training workout

All of this and a complete “HANDS ON WORKSHOP” so you have the confidence and ability to train the core for any activity… Open to coaches of all levels.