One of the benefits of having a mentor – especially for beginning coaches – is being able to tap into the experience of someone who’s been there and done that. An invaluable guide, a mentor can help advance a career and development exponentially.

On Aug. 22, coaches had a chance to work closely with IHP founder Juan Carlos “JC” Santana as they participated in “JC’s Top 40 Mentorship.” The mentorship focused on providing a “Top 40” list of specific modalities – the most effective and tried-and-true exercises that IHP USA has designed, tested and used for the past 10 years – and a quick route to more effective programming. A breakdown of each exercise included placement of the 4 Pillars, as well as detail on progressions to challenge a full spectrum of fitness levels, from deconditioned clients to advanced athletes.

he “Top 40” come directly from JC’s many years of experience and his genius in simplicity – which goes hand-in-hand with the complexity and sophistication with which they can be employed.

“The beauty of the ‘Top 40’ is that you don’t need to come up with a bunch of crazy exercises.  Everything you need is in these simple movements,” said JC. “Perfect these and you have all you need for success. These modalities strike at the heart of functional training and movement.”

Participants earned a certificate of completion and had a great time in a close-knit environment that encouraged collaboration. They also had a chance to see IHP principles in action, as the mentorship was hosted at IHP China headquarters, co-founder Ruben Payan’s HUMAN IN MOTION fitness studio in Beijing. The HUMAN IN MOTION team joined in to learn alongside Chinese coaches.

“This is the first time that we’ve invited Chinese coaches to IHP headquarters at the HUMAN IN MOTION studio to learn side-by-side with our HUMAN IN MOTION trainers,” said Payan. “The chemistry and energy were unbeatable.”

“I love this studio. It’s the best in Beijing,” said Coach Shawn from LeWellness.