RKC: How to Become a Top Kettlebell TrainerUsing The World’s #1 Tool to Boost Your Explosive Power, Build Your Functional Strength, Enhance Your Endurance and Refine Your Movement Skills

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Since Dragon Door launched the modern kettlebell movement in 2001, this amazing “gym-in-the-palm-of-your-hand” has redefined the fitness landscape on a global level, liberating hundreds of thousands from the limitations and frustrations of machine-based workouts.

Dragon Door challenges the tyranny of rigid thinking and of outmoded ideas about how best to cultivate yourself physically. We free you to achieve your full athletic potential by offering you the most effective, results-producing strength and health programs on the planet. We create equipment and systems like the RKC that free you from the wasted effort and time associated with the traditional gyms and health clubs.

The ultimate tool for independently-minded individuals looking to take charge of their own health and strength is the kettlebell. The kettlebell gives you more health, strength and conditioning benefits than you’ll get from a whole facility full of equipment.

Dragon Door’s premium RKC, military-grade kettlebells still lead the charge for a high-impact, high-yield device that has just one purpose in mind: to free you from any hint of weakness—and allow you to move with dynamic power and long-lasting strength.

And Dragon Door’s RKC instructional SYSTEM remains the leader when it comes delivering you the most efficient, cost-effective and thorough education in how to become a skilled kettlebell trainer. And become a trainer who gets consistently exceptional results for their clients, be it in weight management, athletic performance, foundational strength—or building a superb physique, at any age.

In fact, coaches, trainers and health professionals of all kinds have been quick to take advantage of the kettlebells’ almost magical ability to reduce unwanted fat, restore lost function and rebuild lost strength and vitality…

Chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, physicians, sports coaches, you name it, have also eagerly embraced the kettlebells uncanny ability to rehab injuries—in particular, back and shoulder injuries.

Athletic coaches at the school and professional level have seen their athletes gain an obvious competitive advantage  through proper kettlebell training.

The police and military—whose very lives can depend on their physical strength and conditioning levels—have welcomed kettlebells as a high-yield, simple, portable tool for fast and permanent strength, power and cardio gains.

With the kettlebells growing popularity as the exercise tool “that does it all”—be it for the professional athlete or the everyday fitness enthusiast looking for a more effective workout—there’s a rising demand for highly skilled and competent kettlebell instructors.

And there’s ONLY ONE KETTLEBELL CERTIFICATION PROGRAM in the world that delivers the depth and breadth of core competencies critical to successful kettlebell instruction… Dragon Door’s Russian Kettlebell Certification, the RKC…



Get all this and more when you attend The Russian Kettlebell Certification workshop:

  • Master the world’s premier, cutting-edge strength and conditioning system,
  • Absorb the fundamentals of kettlebell lifting, then explore the deeper secrets of elite strength skill
  • Fine-tune your technique—as you elevate your kettlebell power to unprecedented heights
  • Dramatically accelerate your own and your clients’ acquisition of elite lifting skills
  • Achieve a higher level of “trouble-shooting” ability as a trainer
  • Get a tool box of unique remedial drills to correct major and minor imperfections in lifting form
  • Experience powerful, instructor-led workouts—a phenomenal way to demonstrate different training techniques and the endless variations of kettlebell use
  • Mix with instructors and fellow students to absorb additional powerful strength training perspectives and applications
  • Learn how to successfully instruct newbie, “high-learning curve” clients
  • Understand how to tailor kettlebell training to best fit the individual client
  • Get specific tips to more effectively teach kettlebells to women
  • Learn how to integrate kettlebells with other types of training
  • Gain hands-on guidance, correct unknown flaws in your own technique—to transform your athletic performance
  • Eliminate the compromise between power and safety—by mastering unique alignment techniques that channel the force away from your joints
  • Instantly “lighten” heavy weights—with dramatic, little-known, high tension techniques
  • Master the skill of ‘relaxed tension’ for going the distance with power
  • Discover the little-known breath technique which dramatically boosts your stamina and endurance
  • Learn how to ‘shift gears’ for maximum performance in a variety of applications, from heavy lifting to kettlebell throwing to girevoy sport
  • Eliminate “power leakages” in your muscles to greatly improve your strength
  • Learn breakthrough techniques to overcome sticking points
  • Understand the true meaning and application of “body hardening”
  • Conquer stagnation by linking the right exercises together into exceptional 10-20 minute circuits
  • Develop a warrior-like resilience—to endure and overcome the toughest challenge
  • Discover how to train without pain around a variety of injuries—and neutralize the apparent deficiencies of a “high-mileage” body
  • Amplify your lifting power with martial arts “rooting” techniques
  • Discover how to vastly improve your mobility and flexibility with kettlebells
  • Boost your efficiency and generate greater results with fewer exercises
  • Discover the real secret of “core training”—to unleash dramatic new levels of power
  • Help your clients successfully employ the secrets of abdominal pressurization—within minutes—for a tremendous boost to their strength
  • Understand the finer points of “power breathing”
  • Learn how to generate optimal power with the unique “power inhalation” technique—while simultaneously unloading the spine
  • Boost your deadlift and squat with kettlebellsLearn kettlebell applications for elite cardio-respiratory endurance
  • Know how to get a top-of-the-line whole-body workout with just one kettlebell
  • Discover how to make a drill easier or harder without changing weights
  • Learn the key skill of shock absorption—for harder, yet safer athletic applications
  • Correct deficiencies and fill the gaps in your personal kettlebell training
  • Receive invaluable lessons on how to apply kettlebell lifting to sports, combat, and life’s worst surprises
  • Grasp the rationale behind the use of kettlebells, and understand why kettlebell training rules over traditional fitness methodologies
  • Receive a thorough, detailed, clear instructor manual, packed with kettlebell information you’ll get nowhere else


And Get These Additional Business Benefits
of RKC Certification:

  • Receive free referrals from Dragon Door’s national customer-network
  • Receive a free three-year listing of your training-contact information on Dragon Door’s website
  • Receive an automatic 20% wholesale discount on all kettlebell purchases for three whole years

The business rewards and personal results from attending the Russian Kettlebell Certification have often been spectacular:

I have been a personal trainer since 1987, and frankly, I’ve never seen anything like the excitement generated by Russian kettlebells. This age-old art has infused my business with a new level of passion I’ve never seen before, and it’s spreading like wildfire.

Let’s start with the financial benefits. I’ve more than doubled my personal training income since becoming Russian kettlebell certified, which has enriched my career as well as my personal life. This past Thanksgiving I was actually able to leave the gym behind and whisk my wife away on a rugged 2-week trip to Costa Rica, something that simply would not have been feasible before.

The bottom line is, my clients were feeling generous because they were grateful for what they’d gained (and lost!) over the past year! I’ve had incredible results across the board with all my clients, male and female, since kettlebells entered the picture.

One of my longtime clients lost 26 pounds in six weeks. His sister and her husband, visiting from Ireland over the holidays, were totally amazed at both his fitness level and this odd “new” form of training.

A newer client lost three dress sizes and really toned up in the span of two months that she had to prepare for her wedding.

A masseuse called me to inquire about kettlebell training because she couldn’t help but notice the change in muscle tone our mutual client had achieved.

Success stories like these—and there are many—made for a lot of very happy and fit clients with a renewed interest and commitment to training.

Needless to say, these kinds of results also brought a lot of new business my way last year. I now have a physical therapist sending me clients because of the improvements he’s seen in his patients’ strength and mobility after sending them my way.

I am 46 years old and have pursued a very rugged and adventurous outdoor lifestyle for as long as I can remember. As a result, there were a few old injuries that had really started to dog me in the past couple of years.

Since becoming RKC certified, however, things have changed. I have made amazing strength gains, but perhaps more importantly in terms of improving my quality of life, I have increased the flexibility and joint mobility in my hips and shoulders tremendously. Both have been invaluable in terms of increasing my enjoyment of rock climbing, skiing, and hiking, not to mention improving my performance exponentially!

My endurance, strength-to-weight ratio, core strength, static strength, grip strength, and flexibility are all markedly greater than before I started training with kettlebells and incorporating the RKC’s techniques.

No question about it, becoming a Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor is the best move I have made in 18 years as a trainer.” —Gus Petersen, RKC, Denver, CO


I am the owner of a physiotherapy practice and strengthening is an integral part of recovery. Unfortunately, I have found that most conventional strengthening systems are impractical for most of my clients for various reasons. I had excellent results personally with kettlebell training and felt that it would be applicable to my clients as they are available in a variety of weights.

Like most everything I have experienced from Dragon Door, the course exceeded my expectations. Since the course, I have successfully used the kettlebells for rehabilitation. I have also run up to three classes per week after work hours at a local gym because of the buzz that has been created. I should note that there have been no injuries in the past year and a half since I started teaching, which is remarkable considering many of my students are also clients who have been recovering from injuries.

Although I have never advertised these classes, I am already busier than I want to be with teaching due to the word of mouth generated by my students. This exposure certainly hasn’t hurt my physiotherapy practice either.

The kettlebells have solved my previous dilemma of effective exercise prescription and I truly believe have started a lot of people who otherwise would never before participated in an exercise program down a lifelong path of better health and fitness.

I now feel like I am a complete health care provider with the skills I can pass along a kettlebell instructor.”—Keith Weber, BScPT, RKC, Red Deer, Canada


Still wondering if the Russian Kettlebell Certification will be the single best fitness training experience of your life…? Then read this now:

“The Russian Kettlebell Certification was an intense learning period for exercise practice that you can’t get anywhere else with people you probably couldn’t find together in one group if you searched a lifetime. Excellent and thorough knowledge by all instructors. Scope is probably the broadest I have ever dealt with. Practical use is excellent.” —Bud Jeffries, Author, Lakeland, FL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:
Competitive Powerlifter, Strongman, Full Contact Fighter, Highland games competitor & kettlebell lifter. State, regional, national and world records in Powerlifting. Martial arts discipline, shootfighting, jujitsu & tae kwon do. Titles in powerlifting, strongman, highland games and kettlebells

“A really complete and well structured course: Theory, practice, review, marketing. Nothing is left! Top quality of information.” —Mario Civalleri, Fitness Consultant, Cantu , Italy


Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:
Former National Level bodybuilder, 1999 Powerlifting World Champ, Former Paratrooper.

“Since I am a gym owner, I have been to a lot of different workshops: this one is by far the best. The quality of instruction and level of attention is second to none. This is the highest quality of instruction I have ever had, and I have been to some excellent workshops.

There is tremendous depth and it is extremely practical for anyone in athletics or just looking to get in shape. This workshop accomplished everything and more that I was hoping for.” —Thomas Phillips, Special Education Teacher/ Owner personal training studio, Tinton Falls, NJ


Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:
2002 Body-for-Life Grand master Champion. Certified personal trainer, sport specific trainer, certified stretching coach. Motivational speaker for EAS transformation camps. Owner of personal training studio, featured in Muscle Media, 4 times. Outside magazine, various local TV networks, various newspapers. Former basketball, baseball, cross country, boxing and various other sports competitively.

“The instructors were better than any other clinic I’ve been to and that is a lengthy list. I enjoyed the combination of no-nonsense approach with humor and camaraderie. In their various disciplines or exercises the instructors were at the top of the pyramid. They have a way of distilling complex concepts to their simple essence. Great course, ton of info, great instructors, great community of folks from all over the world (literally).” —Bruce Kelly, Personal Trainer/Strength & Conditioning Coach, Swarthmore, PA


Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:
Trained athletes & clients for over 14 yrs. Train primarily HS and college athletes. Have CSCS, NSCA-CPT, USAW Sports performance coach & USATF level II sprints/hurdles coach. Masters All-American Indoors — 60-meter dash. Play senior men’s baseball.

“RKC training has taken away my frustration with the traditional method of strength training, and has given me a direction of where to go. RKC has given me science, logic, invention, and creativity in strength training.

As a life long athlete, it was extremely hard to retire from professional basketball of 14 years because I felt I lost my identity as an athlete. Kettlebells has brought back the athlete in me. Moreover, it has allowed me to go further than where I was. Today, at 41 years old, I’m strong and more flexible then I was at the height of my successful basketball career.” —Kirsten Cummings, Personal Trainer, San Diego, CA


Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:
High school & College All American 1st team in Basketball. Professional Basketball player 14 years. 2003 2nd in US Women’s National Championships in Sailing Masters degree in bio Mechanics

“A fantastic boot camp. A very challenging will-testing weekend. I found it a privilege that instructors of this caliber offer their knowledge and understanding. The quality of training is phenomenal and demands total respect.” —Missy Beaver, Personal Trainer, Santa Monica, CA


Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:
I played fours years of college basketball. I am an avid golfer and participated in the state championship in high school. I am training to participate in amateur boxing. I skateboard, boogie board, rock climb and enjoy climbing ropes and doing the rings in SM.


“Deeper scope and range of material than anything I have attended before.” —Pat Cuntrera, Teacher/Trainer, West Paterson, NJ


Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:
NSCA — CPT, Bronze medal/world record Goodwill Games 1994.

“The best training of its kind I have had.” —Ron Morris, Personal Trainer, Forest Lake, MN


Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:
Powerlifting bench over 500, squat over 700, at 230 bodyweight. Professional wrestling, bodybuilding, some boxing, martial arts.

“Informative and overall a great experience. I think every trainer and coach should be required to take this course! Quality of instruction was top-notch.. By far the most challenging and in depth training course I have taken, (and I have taken a lot or courses.) —Ryan Lee, Fitness Entrepreneur


Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:
10 years as a trainer and coach (sports med and HS strength coach) Track and Field sprinter — state champion in college. Specialize in online training and consulting.


“The RKC was incredible. I learned a ton and it had taken my own personal strength and conditioning training to the next level. An awesome fund of knowledge & insight. They are doing to kettlebells/strength and conditioning. What George Washington Carver did with the peanut.” —Luc Readinger, Physician, Minneapolis, MN


Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:
Martial Arts

“It was the best decision that I have made in many years in regards to advancing my personal fitness levels and career. The course was far beyond what I expected. All of the instructors are top shelf and exude what kettlebell and hard style strength training is all about. To use one word: Outstanding!

I’m a strength coach and have studied with some brilliant people and the knowledge of the RKC Instructors are just as or even more knowledgeable as they are. I learned from each and every instructor. The information is practical, universal, and extremely effective. It has been life changing as far as I’m concerned.” —Terrence Thomas, Health, Sports Conditioning, Rehab Consultant, Miami. FL


Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:
I have been an athlete all my life. From a nationally ranked sprinter as a youth to HS wrestling and football, to martial arts.

“This was an incredible experience. The training far exceeded any certification or training I have done in the past. —Joey Troup, Personal Trainer, Marietta, GA


Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty: 
NASM Certified Personal Trainer. ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer. Marital Arts background – Wing Chun, Tang Soo Do, kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do

“Overall it was very satisfying, the instructors were top notch and their knowledge on the subject of kettlebells was impressive. Hands down the best.” —Lance Long, Fireman, New Palestine, IN


Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:
Former United States Marine, currently a fireman for the city of Indianapolis. Have a background in grappling and various self -defense systems.

“The RKC Certification is by far the best! I received more in one weekend, 3 days then I received in any other course! The quality of instruction was very clear, concise and to the point. All meat and no fat! The knowledge given was of the highest quality. Anyone serious about their training will take this course. I love the intensity!” —KC Goldberg, Trainer, M.A. Instructor/Consultant, Boulder, CO


Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:
Undefeated wrestler, 2nd degree black belt Tae Kwon Do, brown belt Ki Aikido, certified trainer, intuitive consultant, Reiki Master Specialist in MA conditioning

“A real eye opener – especially for someone formally trained in other aspects of strength & conditioning. Just when you think you know it all…the Kettlebell will humble you with new and valuable information.  The level of the instructors is the most impressive of any certification course. Much more intense and “hands on”. This course was much more specialized then others I had taken in the past. I liked how the instructors each had their own area of specialization and explain how this type of training can meet various needs of a wide range of athletes/people.”—Doug Slinker, Fitness Consultant/Strength & Conditioning Coach, Kansas City, MO


Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:
Olympic lifting background. Strongman event training – 2 competitions


“The training and expert interaction were awesome, second to none. Each movement was broken down into segments and used. The level of knowledge concerning mobility and joint flexibility was very informative and will lead to some significant changes in my workouts. The RKC has been head and shoulders above any other training. I was challenged, taxed and improved.” —Tige Watson, Paramedic/Firefighter, Albuquerque, NM


Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:
Track, wrestling, personal trainer, soccer coach, wrestling coach, DOE instructor Certified, Co-Developer Wellness and Fitness Program for Albuquerque Fire Department

“By far the best training course I’ve ever done. Clear, relevant instruction and an environment that promotes learning. All the instructors were very knowledge in both a general RKC sense and also obviously in their specific field.


The RKC course was far more useful then my previous fitness certification (ISSA). Material is clearer, there is more hands on and I feel that Dragon Door offers much better support in the long term. Quality and scope of info was just right for a 3-day course. I had an awesome time! It was well worth the cost and the flight from overseas.”—Don Stevenson, Fitness Trainer, Sydney, Australia


Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:
4 yrs. Australian Army, Endurance Mountain bike racing (24hr/12hr), Martial Arts – Japanese swordsmanship, BJJ

“Physically demanding weekend. Great education. Unbelievable, a wealth of knowledge. At most workshops 1 or 2 instructors are great with the rest marginal. Here I was very impressed with the quality of all of the instructors.” —Charlie Rivers, Athletic Director, St Louis, MO


Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:
Ranked Men’s USA Volleyball after total hip replacement 3yr. Ultra Marathon Cycling

“A humbling experience that provided me with great inspiration. Although I was introduced to my weaknesses in KB lifting, I was shown how to correct them. A phenomenally empowering experience that I would not hesitate to recommend. Unparalleled! Aside from the Marines, the most physically and mentally demanding training I’ve ever had the pleasure to endure. I will be back and I can hardly wait! —Roan Kalani Grimm, Student, Lake Geneva, WI


Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:
20 years various martial arts, (11years Filipino martial arts). 5 years Marine



Master RKC Andrea Du Cane


Andrea Du Cane is Director of Certifications for Dragon Door Publications, a Master Kettlebell Instructor, CK-FMS certified, CICS certified, Primal Move National Instructor and RIST, ZHealth certified, and has a BA in Psychology from the University of Minnesota, ACE-GF.  She has written and produced three DVDs The Kettlebell Goddess Workout, a top selling Kettlebell DVD on Amazon.com and her most recent The Kettlebell Boomer, and the DVD, Working With Special Populations. Her Ageless Body Book was released fall of 2011.

She is a presenter for the EMPOWER! Conferences held around the U.S.

She was a presenter at the first, Health & Strength conference, for Dragon Door Publications August 2015