March 9, 2014 – For the fourth consecutive year, Ruben Payan, HUMAN IN MOTION founder and IHP China co-founder, was invited to present at the NIKE Super Workshop. Held from March 5 to 8 in Shanghai, the annual event brings fitness experts from around the globe to coach coaches through clinics, talks and workshops.

Ruben and trainer Tommy Wang offered functional training certifications from the Institute of Human Performance, the U.S.-based leader in functional training education, including the China inaugural “JC’s Octagon Training System” for a special group of coaches that stayed on an extra day post-workshop.

IHP’s founder, Juan Carlos “JC” Santana, spent seven years developing and perfecting the Octagon to offer the most complete functional strength and conditioning systems using bands and pulleys. Ruben’s workshop delved deeply into the practical applications and participants walked away with a uniquely comprehensive understanding.

“These coaches are now one step closer to possibly becoming IHP Master Trainers,” said Ruben, referring to IHP’s highest level of functional training mastery and certification. “It was a deep workshop, and we spent some quality time digging into the processes.”

Ruben also participated in a NIKE-sponsored talk show on March 6, where he shared his experiences and lessons learned as owner of HUMAN IN MOTION, voted China’s No. 1 fitness studio by Men’s Health magazine.

This year was a particularly meaningful, as at last year’s event, coaches helped sign a banner that Ruben brought with him on his May 2013 climb of Mount Everest. This year he drew on the experience of his successful summit to further inspire and motivate, reminding coaches that attended a workshop on client relations that they belong to a noteworthy generation of up-and-coming influencers.

“I reminded these guys that they need to think and dream big, and then act on it, because they have an opportunity to shape a whole industry. One day the rest of the world may be

following fitness innovations that were first developed in China,” he said.

Ruben continued to tie in his climbing experience, and successful summit of six of the world’s highest peaks, with a final talk on March 7 that explored a theme universally relevant to coaches everywhere – motivation. Before starting, he debut a video for Powerful Human, a proprietary motivational system and set of values that Ruben describes as, “learning how to think out of the box and act on it.”

“With Powerful Human, I hope to bring coaching to another level and help others find and climb their own Mount Everests,” he said.

Check out Ruben’s video introducing his Powerful Human journey here!