Course Descriptions

Functional Training Specialist Diploma

Upon completion of the IHP Level I-IV certifications the student is awarded the Functional Training Specialist Diploma. The entire scope of knowledge presented in the IHP Level I-IV certifications represent the most concentrated curriculum on functional training ever assembled in the fitness industry. This diploma signifies the student has attained a high degree of education, proficiency and technical ability in the area of functional training. The student has also shown elite-level knowledge related to the incorporation of functional training with traditional strength training, as well as the periodization of hybrid training. Successful graduates will also be eligible to participate in an award ceremony based in Beijing.

Functional Training Master Trainer Diploma

(Offered only to coaches that have completed all of the IHP certifications) Five-day mentorship at IHP concluding with ceremony and diploma).

The Level V FT Master Trainer Diploma is awarded to the student who has covered all course and areas of specialty within the IHP training curriculum. This diploma sets apart those individuals that not only have elite-level knowledge in functional training, but also have attained mastery over special topics, such as MMA, sports-specific training, group classes, endurance training, and advanced exercise programming. The student who successfully completes this four-year coursework will be invited to IHP (U.S.) to defend a dissertation topic before a panel of IHP senior coaches. Successful completion requires presentation before the review panel of IHP senior trainers and demonstration of competency in the various methods, strategies and protocols that make up the IHP training system. Live exams on biomechanical assessment, exercise selection and implementation, technique coaching and exercise programming will be administered during the week. The student is expected to answer questions and display mastery of all training and coaching techniques that show merit of master-level credentials. Upon successful completion of this week-long process, the IHP FT Master Trainer Diploma will be presented by JC Santana during a special ceremony. Successful graduates will also be eligible to participate in an award ceremony based in Beijing.

1800 RMB

This is where it all begins. This mandatory four-hour, online course introduces the basic terminology and concepts of the IHP Functional Training System – allowing program participants a unified point of reference upon which to build all future and more advanced learning. Learn the definition of function and functional training, along with the basic model IHP uses to categorize functional movement. Become familiar with the operational environment and how functional training uses this environment to create efficiency of movement. Finally, basic exercises will be provided to show the principle of “specificity” and how it pertains to function and functional training. A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of this course.

The Level I IHP FT Instructor course takes place over two days to build on the information provided by the introduction course and provide a deeper understanding in preparation for the more rigorous Level II course. Begin by reviewing some basic controversies within the fitness industry as they relate to function and functional training. The Level I course then expands on the 4 Pillars of Human Movement Model, relating daily activities to exercises from each pillar of movement.  Expand the physics of the operational environment and learn to apply basic Newtonian laws as they pertain to function and the environment.  The Level I course extends the basic exercise repertoire previously provided by the introduction course, and then introduces IHP’s hybrid training exercises – or idea of using different systems together as part of programming – to meet a goal. It and the 3-Tier Integration System allow various training philosophies and modalities to co-exist within a single training system. The Level I IHP FT Instructor certification will be issued upon successful completion of this course.

The Level II IHP FT Senior Instructor course is a two-day course that can be taken online at your convenience or within a classroom setting. It concentrates on building a comprehensive menu of 70 exercises that set you up to feel more confident in your ability to perform as a trainer. All exercises are related to specific muscle systems, as well as the 4 Pillars of Human Movement Model. The course also covers specific rehabilitation and performance applications for each exercise. You will gain an excellent working knowledge of the foundational exercises used in the next level. The Level II IHP FT Senior Instructor certification will be issued upon successful completion of this course.

The Level III IHP FT Personal Trainer course is a two-day course that brings together the information provided by all of the previous program courses. The entire IHP FT system is presented in a progressive timeline that ties together the 4 Pillars of Human Movement, IHP’s eight evaluation progressions, IHP’s biomechanics assessment, and the 70 IHP exercises. Begin discussion of IHP’s hybrid training system with a complete understanding of the complex training used at IHP. Cover various protocols that expand on IHP’s 3-Tier Integration System with emphasis on the warm-up, build-up, and unloading methods of exercise integration. Gain a complete and comprehensive understanding of personal training applications. The Level III IHP FT Personal Trainer Certification will be issued upon successful completion of this course.


The Introduction to IHP FT Programing course is a one-day course that begins the process of outlining the basic terminology of periodization and all of its cycles, various training adaptations, as well as the main cycles used to elicit those adaptations. Learn how to design a basic weekly and monthly template and how to alter it to address each periodization cycle presented. Finally, a basic strategy for linear periodization will be provided with the intent of assembling a yearly training program. The Introduction to IHP FT Programming certification will be issued upon successful completion of this course.

The Level IV IHP FT Performance Coach course is a two-day course that expands the IHP programming system to its highest level. This course brings together the entire IHP training system and allows its application to any situation that will be encountered in the fitness and sports setting. Both hybrids and traditional models will be discussed and various case studies will be reviewed – covering everything from rehabilitation, to general fitness, to elite sports programming. Cover various metabolic applications as they pertain to body transformation as well as athletic performance. Upon completion you will have a complete understanding of how to create weekly, monthly and yearly programs for a variety of clients and athletes. The Level IV IHP FT Performance Coach certification will be issued upon successful completion of this course.


Sport-specific conditioning is essential to fine-tune an athlete for elite competition. The IHP Sports-Specific course applies all systems developed at IHP to train college and professional athletes. This two-day course offers the sports coach and athlete a system to train any sport, at any location, with or without equipment, and in any amount of time. Contained in this course is the IHP sports training philosophy, the IHP sports biomechanical analysis, the IHP energy system analysis and the IHP sport training systems. Also provided within this course are a number of ready-made protocols, programs for major sports and a review of the sports nutritional supplements most used by IHP athletes. If you train athletes and don’t have a system of training, or of you feel your system can use improvement – this certification is for you. As with all IHP certifications, a significant portion of this course is devoted to hands-on learning.


Group classes are very popular in fitness facilities as a fun, efficient and affordable option to clients – and profitable one for the facility. Many clubs, such as TSI, Gold’s Gym, and Equinox, have hired JC Santana to implement his university-tested FITMOVES System – now you can learn it through the IHP Group Class certification. The IHP Group Class certification applies JC’s 4 Pillars of Human Movement to the design of functional circuits, exploring and applying various intervals. The course also teaches how to periodize functional training and apply it to a circuit class; and includes generous amounts of fitness and sports applications for effective training of the widest spectrum of clients possible. Ample hands-on applications will allow you to work through theory as well as practice. This is undoubtedly the most comprehensive group class certification in fitness – if you work with groups of athletes or fitness clients – this course is a must.

16-hour classroom certification course

MMA is the world’s fastest-growing sport right now – thus a sophisticated training system is essential. This two-day course offers the MMA coach and athlete the chance to learn complex training systems in a simple, easy to understand format! Course content includes the philosophy, systems, methods, and protocols that the IHP has developed over the last 30 years. Topics include combat biomechanics and energy systems, program design, nutrition, supplementation, weight loss and restoration strategies. A significant portion of this course is devoted to hands-on learning designed to imprint the information into the experience of the coach and athlete. *The MMA-CSCC courses are also offered as part of IHP China’s Modality-Specific Exercise certifications. They may be attended out of progression as a stand-alone course, or participation may be applied toward earning master trainer credentials at a later date.


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