FT Master Trainer Program Q&A

A:  On average the program takes four years from start to finish, and we strongly suggest following a similar timeline in order to reap the greatest benefit. Take too long between courses and you run the risk of losing momentum or knowledge. Conversely, running through the steps too quickly does not allow for an optimum interval in which to review and perfect new skills and comprehension. Specifically, we suggest allowing for six months of fieldwork to rehearse and refine practical applications between Level II and III; and six to 12 months to do the same between Level III and IV.

A: Your diploma and certification will remain active for two years. After two years you will be required to demonstrate continued proficiency by renewing your status as an IHP FT Specialist or Master Trainer with continued education and/or a written exam. This process must be repeated every two years to ensure your credentials keep pace with new research, practices and developments within IHP’s continually evolving cannon of knowledge.

A. The IHP FT Master Trainer Program is designed as a progressive system – information is intended to build upon previous knowledge, as well as to prepare you for participation at the next level. This especially applies to the sections covering modality and working as a personal trainer. For this reason, we require that you take each level in successive steps, with the exception of the specialty courses. These can be taken in any order of preference as part of completing the requirements for Master Trainer credentials. The MMA CSCS certification is the only exception to this rule. It is also offered as a stand-alone course under our offerings focused on mastery of specific modality exercises.

A. IHP FT Master Trainer Diploma is more than a title. It reflects advancement to a high level of achievement and knowledge. A professional has the mastery necessary to make his/her own contributions and innovations to the science of functional training, as well as the ability to train on a higher spectrum – including rehabilitative therapy that employs advanced understanding of body structure, the mechanics of movement and physical laws. JC insists on personally overseeing an accurate and impartial assessment that each individual has reached this level before granting the title of Master Trainer. In some instances, this assessment may take place within China at predetermined times and locations, but generally it only takes place at IHP global headquarters in the United States.

A. All of our functional training courses are advanced, immersive and fast-paced. As a result, we recommend you first obtain a personal training or athletic coaching certification. We also suggest participants have one to four years’ experience in the fitness field as a personal trainer or athletic coach.

A. Having been involved in the best certification processes in the fitness industry, we understand the strengths and weaknesses of the current certifications offered to fitness professionals. Some certifications put such a heavy emphasis on traditional academic knowledge and scientific data that they lag on the practical aspect of performance enhancement and personal training methods. Sometimes being “science-based” means you are behind the times by 10-15 years. Other certifications are designed by therapists who are trying to turn everyone else into therapists. As anyone that has gone through physical therapy can attest to, therapy and personal training are nothing alike – so why should the education be? Finally, other certifications are designed by people who have never owned a gym, have never coached or trained anyone, and in some cases have never exercised a day in their lives. If you have not lived it, you can’t teach it! Trust IHP as an organization that speaks specifically to your needs, your wants, your fears, your strengths, your challenges, your triumphs and your world.

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