Modality-specific courses

The right mix of specific exercise modalities helps keep a client on the sure and steady track to success – and are a basic building block in creating effective individual training programs.

Broaden your repertoire and enable more targeted application of movements and programming with modality-specific certifications that extend your ability to get results, keep clients motivated and focused, as well as significantly enhance your arsenal of functional training tools, techniques and equipment.

 Body Weight Training Certification

No equipment? No time? No space? No problem!  This course provides you with one of the most original and comprehensive collections of exercises to develop the upper body, biomotor ability, and agility, as well as the practical application.  This course is ideal for the individual with limited resources and intense training needs. Trainers can incorporate the multiplanar strength movement into their traditional programs, while coaches can keep their athletes strong and powerful outside the gym.

 Dumbbell Training Certification

The most expansive and creative collection of dumbbell exercises available anywhere! Participants will go through a complete progression for all movement patterns and muscle groups. This course brings you functional strength and conditioning with more than 100 exercises and progressions covering basic movements for training upper and lower body functional strength, core development, and more! This course will quickly add depth to any fitness program.

 Medicine Ball Certification

An old training tool explodes into action with a new attitude! Medicine Ball Blast brings you more than 100 of the most popular medicine ball exercises JC Santana and his staff use at the Institute of Human Performance. The progressions demonstrated offer a wide spectrum of exercise, from very simple exercises that everyone can do to advanced progressions that will challenge elite athletes. With the expertise you will gain from this course, you will be able to incorporate medicine ball training into your current training programs and apply it to any population. Medicine Ball Blast is a must for personal trainers, coaches, and therapists.

 MMA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach Certification

  • MMA-CSCC Level I
  • MMA-CSCC Level II

MMA is the world’s fastest-growing sport right now – thus a sophisticated training system is essential. This two-day course offers the MMA coach and athlete the chance to learn complex training systems in a simple, easy to understand format! Course content includes the philosophy, systems, methods, and protocols that the IHP has developed over the last 30 years. Topics include combat biomechanics and energy systems, program design, nutrition, supplementation, weight cutting and restoration strategies. A significant portion of this course is devoted to hands-on learning designed to imprint the information into the experience of the coach and athlete.

 Stability Ball Certification

This course will provide you with a comprehensive collection of stability ball exercises through complete progression spectrums for the lower body and core. This course will cover bodyweight as well as external resistance exercises. Exercises are illustrated in order of difficulty, from the easiest to the most complex. This course gives your leg, hip, and core training a new look and feel.

 Band and Pulley Certification

Put a charge in your old cable and band training! Using every cable, band, pulley, and strap, this course will show you exercises you
have never seen before! Learn how to include this creative new training into the programs for your athletes and clients. This
innovative course focuses on functional strength and conditioning while including aerobic conditioning, locomotion and balance training,
upper and lower body strength, core development, and more! Participants will be able to add more than 100 exercises to their training